LED Flex Light Strip

Take It to the Next Level with Emeralight’s Flex Light Strip LEDs.  Flex Strip LEDs come in Waterproof (Epoxy Filled) and Non-Waterproof.


Product features:
1.  Super bright SMD 5050 LED’s.
2.  Bright with low power consumption.
3.  Long life span…..normally over 50,000 hours.
4.  Flexible application: small space.
5.  Instant start, no flickering, no humming.
6.  12 Volt DC power requirements – safe.
7.  Various type of LEDs, sizes and colors available.

1.  Architectural decorative lighting for canopy, corridor, window, archway, bridge edge lighting.
2.  Back lighting or edge lighting for signage letters and channel letters.
3.  Cove lighting, concealed lighting.
4.  Decorative lighting for festivals, events, shows, exhibitions.
5.  Contour lighting: stairway, aisle.

LED Flex Strip Specs (5050-60)

LED Flex Strip Specs (5050-30)