T12 High Output

Maximize Clarity with Emeralight’s T12 High Output LEDs

Emeralight’s T12 High Output LED Modules offer a very bright lighting solution to cramped, contoured and shallow spaces. Each module can be custom wired spaced to any length specified. Because of the one LED per inch layout of the board, the T12 offers versatility for many applications such as: residential lighting, commercial lighting fixtures and many other applications. Every module can be easily mounted with 3M VHB tape supplied or fastened with screws.

General Specifications:

  • Color: 3,400K or 6,500K color temperature
  • Source: HO single white LEDs
  • Beam Angle: 120° light distribution
  • Throw: Approximately 18″ to 24″
  • Listings: UL Listed

Download more T12 High Output LED Module technical specifications.